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  • To overcome the difficult to focus when working, try to balance work time with your holiday. Vacation does not have to be expensive or go to a distant place. You can picnic to the city park just to unwind and gain new energy to be ready to work again
  • The content of vitamin C in one cup of strawberries can meet the body's daily intake of vitamin c. The adequate intake of vitamin C can make the immune system increases. A strong immune system can fight various diseases such as flu, colds, and other infectious diseases
  • Curcumin in turmeric is useful for preventing the development of tumors, especially colon cancer. A research shows that turmeric has the same properties as the components of inhibiting the development of tumor cells
  • Hair growth has been linked to food intake. Hair consists of a protein called keratin. Less intake of protein causes the body to store available protein for other uses that make the hair miss out on nutrients. Always make a daily diet containing protein to help nourish your hair
  • Based on a research of the European Journal of Nutrition says that people who consume green tea regularly can lose weight faster than those not consuming green tea. Choose quality and fresh green tea that spared from any additional ingredient
  • If someone get enough sleep, the immune system will function optimally, while for someone less sleep will make the production of white blood cells decreases and automatically the immune system may also be disrupted
  • Mushrooms contain a type of fiber called beta glucan. Beta glucan plays a role in fat metabolism and helps regulate cholesterol levels in the blood lower. Consuming mushrooms may help decrease cholesterol levels and triglyceride
  • Diet is identical to avoid large amounts of calories to lose weight. But, there is also an easy way to lose weight without having to reduce calories
  • Eggs have many health benefits. But rarely people know that eggs are very good to eat after a workout. Consuming eggs after exercise or in the anabolic phase can help the process of muscle formation